Replacement Money Clip for The Ridge Wallet

The Ridge Wallet

Cash Strap Plate

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  • Replacement/Additional Cash Strap Plate for The Ridge Wallet.

    Replace or add a Cash Strap Plate to your Ridge Wallet. Please note this is the Plate only and can be installed or removed from any of our wallets that have a cash strap elastic.

    *elastic and torx driver not included

  • Do you have to have a "Cash Strap" elastic to install this, and is it compatible with my Ridge Wallet that came with a Cash Strap Plate?
    Yes! Your Ridge Wallet must already have a Cash Strap elastic installed for this item to be compatible, and will fit on any wallet with a Cash Strap elastic.

    Can you convert a "Money Clip" wallet to a "Cash Strap" wallet?
    Yes! You would need to purchase the Cash Strap elastic and this item to convert a money clip wallet to cash strap.

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