Fisher Space Pen - The Ridge Wallet

Fisher Space Pen

      • Writes at any angle, underwater, over grease, in zero gravity, and in temperatures from -30°F to 250°F
      • Made from brass with a matte black finish
      • Internal pressurized refill has a 100-year shelf life
      • Compact size easily fits in your pocket or backpack
      • Open: 5.25 inches; closed: 3.75 inches (Bullet)
      • Open: 5.41 inches; closed: 3.92 inches (Trekker)
      • Made in the USA
    • There is arguably no match for the fisher space pen. They're precision-made, durable, and capable of writing in zero gravity, upside down, underwater, and at extreme temperatures. (Which makes the Expedition Field Notes memo book a perfect compliment to the space pen). Whether you are located in or out of the Earths atmosphere, the Fisher Pen will not let you down. Need refills? You can order the PR4 pressurized cartridge directly from


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