June 02, 2017

There are just some things about Dads that will never change.

Things like: charging the mound at a recreational softball game. Owning four pairs of pristinely white New Balances. Picking up a “How-To” book and suddenly becoming an expert on the matter. Turning sports games into screaming monologues, while claiming he could do better than the professionals on the field.

These qualities are to be cherished, nourished, and encouraged – because nothing brings us more… pride, than seeing our Fathers emerge from the back patio clad in glorious Jorts and a sweeping apron that says, “I turn Grills on”, with a pair of polished steel tongs in one hand and a brimming glass of beer in the other.


However, this Father’s Day, we’ve got a mission to uphold: To save Dads from their wallets.

You know the culprit. Bulkier than a textbook, overflowing with receipts from 2001, heavy enough to be used as a weapon in a last resort scenario – the same wallets that keep Chiropractors in business.

That may be a little dramatic, but there’s a large grain of truth in that last claim. See, bulky leather wallets are the cause for a lot of back and hip problems later in life. Yet, no one quite realizes that the reason they can’t get back up after sitting down for an hour is their oversized bifold in their back pocket. It’s been the norm for years.

Another issue is the organization. Those old 90’s wallets are a labyrinth of plastic, receipts, and old bills long forgotten among the plethora of other folded items. Why are there so many things inside your Dad’s wallet? We don’t know. But, we do know how to fix it:

The Ridge.

Barely larger than a credit card and slimmer than his phone (especially if he’s still sporting a flip), The Ridge will save your Father from issues he didn’t even realize he had. His cash can be readily accessed by a money clip, or secured by an elastic strap. The necessary cards and plastic can be slotted into their respective folds, and he’ll never have to worry about leather degradation again because every Ridge is crafted with the kind of durable material that’ll last a lifetime; That’s why they come backed with a warranty that reflects it.

So, when your Dad comes lumbering out into the yard ready to slay some beef with charcoaled flames, give him a gift that says, “Yeah, we know you’re the Dad and you don’t need saving. But, here it is just in case you change your mind.”

He’ll change his mind - guaranteed.